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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Money Matters

While looking at some finance reports tonight I have found some interesting numbers.
Dick Black had $72,166 in his campaign account at the beginning of December, and his last contributions and expenses were before election day. Would someone explain why a person who lost by a relatively small margin have 72 grand left in their account after the the election? Why didn't he spend all of it? Anyway, this money could come into play if his son-in-law Mike Staton runs for the 33rd Senate seat (if Bill Mims is appointed Deputy AG).

Allen Dudley, who barely won, still has $82,548 in his account. Apparently, he and Mr. Black decided they were going to make their life easier in the next election by savings alot of money. Hopefully our guys will learn in the future that they should spend all their money if they expect a close race.

One other side note, Ryan McDougle began his Senate campaign with $107,269. That coupled with no financial support being sent to his democratic challenger from the DPVA and the demographics of district being GOP, I think we can pretty safely say McDougle will be the next Senator from the 4th district.


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