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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Redistricting the 3rd

The 3rd Congressional District runs along the James River picking up most every democratic stronghold from Richmond to Tidewater. While the political leanings of the district are not likely to change in the upcoming redistricting, the 3rd will have to gain some more territory. Since most every locality in the district is experiencing stagnant or decreasing growth, they will need to expand. This coupled with the 2nd's expansion could make for an interesting task. Most likely the 3rd will gain more of Newport News city as well as Prince George County.

In the unlikely event that the democrats control the process in 2010, they may choose to put Portsmouth into the 4th like in 1990 to strengthen the democratic base there. This would leave the 3rd looking for an additional 100k people which would probably have to be found in James City County as well as giving the 2nd all of Norfolk City and giving the 3rd all of Hampton City.

Either way, the 3rd will still be an overwhelmingly democratic seat; so Bobby Scott has nothing to worry about.


  • At 4/18/2006 4:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    I doubt Scott picks up JCC or Wmsbg. Those areas will likely stay with Jo Ann Davis. I could see Scott picking up more territory in Newport News or Richmond/Henrico.Ginter Park and Northside were in the 3rd and are now in the 7th. They could go back in the 3rd.

    All of Norfolk won't go into the 2nd. Drake lives in the Ocean View area. Maybe your thinking Kellam wins. You have to tread lightly in Hampton Roads because of the voting rights act.


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