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Friday, March 16, 2007

Dudley Retires, Others May Follow

The Roanoke Times has the official announcement that Del. Allen Dudley will retire from his seat. The funniest part of the article at the beginning it talks about a "democratic district held for the GOP". The 9th may have been democratic in the past, but since redistricting not a single democrat has carried it. This is typical of the RT though.

This article also claims that local GOPs say Franklin County supervisor Charles Poindexter is the frontrunner for the nomination (I have heard this as well).

It appears Dudley's son may not get into this race, so Poindexter may have an easy path to the nomination. If there is no nomination fight and Dudley dumps his $97k into Poindexter's account; we should be off to a good start.

I am still hearing Sen. Charles Hawkins is likely to retire; but it sounds that some people in the region are trying to get him to stay. This is mainly due to Chichester's retirement, which now kicks Hawkins to number two in Senate GOP leadership. Many believe he could really help out his area by being in the Senate on more term.

The word still is that if Hawkins retires, Del. Robert Hurt will run to replace him and win the nomination (Hawkins will endorse him and ensure he wins). I have not heard any potential candidates for Hurt's seat yet; but obviously it hasn't be vacated either (I am told there are some names floating already though).

As I said in an eariler post, Dudley's retirement should give us a better shot of defending the seat. Nominating a Franklin County supervisor should make our chances even better.


  • At 3/17/2007 8:56 AM, Blogger Mason said…

    I actually wrote the 9th is a "traditionally Democratic" district. Probably a better phrase would have been "a once Democratic" district.

    Whoever wrote the headline dropped "traditionally."
    What a difference an adverb makes!

  • At 3/17/2007 7:37 PM, Anonymous Proud Republican said…

    If Poindexter is the nominee, he'll be a strong candidate. He represents the area of Franklin County around the Lake. Dudley ran up a big margin there in 2005, and Poindexter should be able to prevent Ferguson from making up ground there this time. I doubt Ferguson makes up any ground to speak of in Floyd or Pittsylvania, so that would mean he would have to make up the bulk of his ground in the rest of Franklin County (which he carried last time).

    A couple of the other blogs are reporting on rumors that Jack Reid may be retiring. That's a Republican district, but not totally unwinnable for the Democrats if the right Democrat and the wrong Republican come along.


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