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Monday, March 12, 2007

With Retirement, Where Will All the Money Go?

This morning John Chichester officially announced his retirement from the State Senate. There are various names floating already, but its hard to say how all that will shake out in the coming weeks.

My big question right now is what will happen to all the money? Chichester has around $360k in his campaign account and controls another $565k in the Senate Leadership Trust. Theoretically he could give his campaign account to whoever he wants to replace him in the Senate, especially if the rumor that his brother Dan will be running for the seat is true.

The Trust he could either liquidate to his remaining Senate allies or just give control to new Pro Tempe Bill Wampler (new Pro Tempe assuming we hold the majority).

The reason I bring this up is because if Chichester decides to give his entire warchest (over $900k) to the primaried Senators; the effort to unseat them just alot tougher.

I will try and get more info on this; but I thought I would try to start a dialogue on this topic from the get go.


  • At 3/12/2007 5:28 PM, Anonymous Not Susan Clarke Schaar said…

    William Wampler does not go by the nickname Bill. John Chichester doesn't control the Senate Leadership Trust. Walter Stosch is the treasurer and it's money is used for any of the 15 or more Trust members who face challenges.

  • At 3/13/2007 8:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dear Not Susan,

    Who are the members of the trust?

  • At 3/13/2007 9:02 AM, Anonymous mytwocents said…

    I think the "trust" money will be split between those in the leadership trust facing primaries and those who face tough opponents in the general.

    As for Chichesters money, your best guess is as good as mine. My guess is that it will be split and given to Chichesters remaining allies in the senate.


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