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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Is the Southwest that Far Behind?

Not Larry Sabato has a new scenario about websites. NLS is predicting the outcomes of competitive HOD races by the candidates' websites. I noticed that David Young (10th) does not have a website, nor does Anne Crockett-Stark (6th). Annie B. doesn't even have an email on RPV.
Is southwest Virginia so far behind that no one has internet down here? No.
If these 2 races are competitive (which it seems they are), people across the state may want to donate money and even do a trip to volunteer, not to mention local people. It is imperative these campaigns get websites started ASAP.
If anyone has any info on this, please let me know. I plan on calling the HRCC Monday morning to find out what the holdup is. We have a good chance of a pickup or 2 here. Having no websites will make that job much, much harder.

UPDATE: I been shown that Anne Crockett-Stark's website is http://electanneb.com
We need to get that link on RPV ASAP.


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