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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Hokie Defense Stays Strong

Tonight, our 28-9 victory over Maryland was a good one and a bad one. Our defense was solid for the most part except for a few key penalties. Our offense worked well when Imoh finally got going. Marcus threw 3 INTs which wasn't good, but all in all, we did OK.
As long as we don't commit that many turnovers against our other opponents, we should be fine.
What is everyone else's take on the game.


  • At 10/21/2005 9:57 AM, Blogger Old Zach said…

    VT obviously dominated the game, It was only mistakes and a failure to score in the red zone that kept it close. I think we'll be able to fix those things, but if we don't we could be in trouble.

  • At 10/21/2005 11:05 AM, Blogger GOPHokie said…

    I agree. We were the falt of all the problems and hopefully we will get it right for BC.
    I think Lane is going to be ridiculous for that game.
    First night game in the new Lane, its gonna ROCKIN folks!


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