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Thursday, October 20, 2005

9th District Update

The Dudley finance report has now been filed so here is what the race looks like:
Allen Dudley: $164,062 Raised ($17,767 from current), $125,445 Cash On Hand
Eric Ferguson: $146,233 Raised ($31,670 from current), $45,234 Cash On Hand
-note: included in the $31,670 is a $21,000 loan that Ferguson secured

Major Expenses of the Dudley Campaign:
Direct Mailings - $7017
Ads - $5722
Peter Foster - $2600

Major Expenses of the Ferguson Campaign:
Radio Ads - $8875
Ads - $6628
4x8 Signs - $5487
Race Sponsorship - $4500
Derrick Shapley - $2500
Joe Stanley - $2072
Staff Housing - $1131
Sound Tech - $700
Rent - $600

Dudley has a huge money advantage, which should allow him to make an unbelievable ad blitz at the end. As long as he uses that money and doesn't sit on it, he will win this race. He is in a GOP leaning district and has almost a 3-1 money advantage a month from the election. This race is over folks.


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