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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Upset in the Making?

I realize we usually talk about Virginia politics here, but I have to point this out.
According to this article in the Washington Times, Doug Forrester (R) is trailing Joe Corzine (D) 44%-43% in the New Jersey governor's race.
Throughout the entire election season Corzine has held a doube-digit lead, and it has been widely expected that the dems will hold this seat. To be fair, Rasmussen has this race at 44-37.

Folks, this will be a crushing blow to the democratic party if they lose this governor seat.
That will have almost no hope of re-gaining a majority of the governor's mansions if they lose the NJ race, as well as the Va one.
That would give us 30 governors. We will undoubtably lose Massachusetts, New York and maybe a few more, but I don't think the dems will be able to gain 6 governors in 2006 if they lose the NJ race.
If the GOP can pull out this race in NJ, it could spell disaster in the 2006 elections for the dems.
That is, if we win here in Virginia as well.


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