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Thursday, December 22, 2005

News in the 33rd

Thanks for NLS for the heads up on this. Here is an article on the possible opening in the 33rd Senate seat. Its main line is that Mark Herring has moved into the district to run for the dems if Mims does resign his seat. Herring ran against Potts in the 27th in '03 and had a relatively good showing in Loudoun (he got 53% here), but was crushed in the rest of the district.
The article has all the info you could possibily want to know about all the potential candidates in this race.
It looks like this race could be a good one, but I am hearing that Minchew has the best shot of getting the GOP nod. Hopefully we can retain the seat, but anything can happen in a special election, especially one in a swing area like this.


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