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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

97th Results

The first of results are in and Peace leads 53-47. Only 2 of 37 preceincts are in, one in Spotslyvania and one in King and Queen. One good thing is it looks like turnout is on pace for only 11-12%, which should favor Peace. The other special elections have been high turnout and that is part of the reason many point to the GOP losing.
Lets hope for the best.

UPDATE: 16 of 37 precincts have reported and Peace leads with 53.5%. Over half of Hanover and New Kent are still due in as well as all of Caroline and Henrico. It loos good for Peace right now.

UPDATE2: With 22 of 37 precincts in I am calling Chris Peace the winner in the 97th. Peace leads with 51% of the vote with Caroline basically in and the only remaining areas are Henrico, New Kent and Hanover. I think we have dodged the bullet tonight folks.

UPDATE3: The last precinct in Caroline went very bad for Peace and the remaining New Kent precincts were more favorable toward Kaine. With 5 precincts left in New Kent Peace has a 200 vote lead. This is super close folks.


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