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Saturday, January 21, 2006

McDonnell on Transportation and Taxes

Here is Attorney General Bob McDonnell's statement on the impending tax battle and transportation:

“There is broad agreement that improving transportation is the most pressing issue facing our Commonwealth. I believe there is common ground in some of the solutions that have been unveiled by state leaders today. Specifically, I am heartened to find broad support for locking up the Transportation Trust Fund, which I championed over the last three years in the House of Delegates. Further there is common ground on increasing the use of public-private partnerships, increasing sanctions on abusive drivers, toll-funded roads, and using limited debt to jumpstart needed transportation projects.
“However, I can not support plans that include new tax increases when there is a large, and sustained, budget surplus which can be dedicated to transportation. The focus must be on spending the people’s money more wisely, and reducing low priority spending, not taking more money from the people’s pockets.”
“The biennial budget today is over $74 billion, up 16.7% over the past budget, and growing faster than anyone projected. A 67% tax increase on car sales, which have helped fuel the economic recovery, is not prudent. As the transportation infrastructure discussion continues, I look forward to ensuring that my office plays a positive, leading role in reducing regulatory and legal impediments to starting badly needed road, rail, and port construction projects, and to doing all this office can to expedite transportation system development.”

For those of you out there who think Bob McDonnell isn't running for Governor, why is the AG talking about transportation and taxes? I do like the last paragraph where he explains his reasoning for this; which is that he is ensuring low regulations in future dealings related to this subject. Either way, I think its a good move on his part.


  • At 1/22/2006 6:38 AM, Blogger plunge said…

    Yay! Yet another AG who will spend his time running for a different office and issuing press releases that have absolutely nothing to do with his job!

    What good governance this and our previous AGs are delivering to us!

  • At 1/22/2006 1:12 PM, Blogger GOPHokie said…

    Mary Sue Terry never did it either did she?

  • At 1/22/2006 2:05 PM, Anonymous NoVA Scout said…

    I'd just asa soon he be AG for the next four years. If he does a good job, he can use that to run for Governor. I'm not very impressed with these AG guys running for Governor so blatantly on the job. Of course even in the primaries, both of the R candidates were acting like they were running for something other than AG. They're both good guys, but we could do with a little less overt campaigning for other offices.

  • At 1/22/2006 3:16 PM, Blogger James E. Martin said…

    Why does the AG's opinion matter and why is he even giving it. Well the answer is clear (early campaigning), but that was a rhetorical question.

  • At 1/23/2006 10:58 AM, Blogger GOPHokie said…

    The funny thing would be if we get a McDonnell-Deeds rematch in '09 (only for governor this time).

  • At 1/23/2006 12:48 PM, Blogger J.Sarge said…

    Frankly, I'm too young to remember a great deal about Mary Sue Terry's term as AG. Maybe that's because she was last AG 13 YEARS AGO. Is that really a relavent metric?

    I know she served for 8 years, and I'm pretty sure she didn't spend all of that time running for Governor. McDonnell, however, seems to have waited 2 weeks in office before starting his campaign.

  • At 1/23/2006 1:24 PM, Blogger GOPHokie said…

    We can all agree McDonnell has certainly made it a little more blatant than some would like about his aspirations while in office. I was only pointing out that GOPs aren't the only people who use the AG office to future their political careers.

  • At 1/24/2006 5:04 PM, Blogger J.Sarge said…

    Fair enough.


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