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Friday, January 13, 2006

Potts Situation

Over at Commonwealth Watch they have a post of Mark Tate's letter to friends, asking them to contact Bill Bolling and Sen. Ruff to vote against Potts in an expected future vote on his cmte. chairmanship. I have no doubt that Bolling will vote against Potts if needbe, and Sen. Ruff will probably do so as well.
I don't think it will come to that. I firmly believe Potts has more than 3 GOPs on his side, and when needed, there will be more to vote for him. Bill Bolling will not get to opportunity to vote against Potts b/c someone else in the caucus will back him next time. It will be interesting to see which member of the caucus it will be.
Either way, I firmly believe Potts will stay cmte. chairman.


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