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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Special Elections

The polls have closed on the 4th Senate race and 3rd HOD race tonight. In the 4th, Ryan McDougle (R) is leading with 82% of the vote, with 53% of the precincts reporting (he won King & Queen County with 74% of the vote, Essex with 75 and Spotslvania and King William with over 80).

In the 3rd, Dan Bowling (D) leads with 61% of the vote with only 35% of precincts in, with Shea Cook lagging behind with only 25%. The good thing here is that most of the votes are Buchanan and Russell County, so that is where Bowling will do well anyway. In fact, Russell County is done w/ Bowling garnering 71% of the vote, but it is a marginal part of the district.

I will continue to make updates until the race is over.

UPDATE: With 62.5% of precincts in the 4th and the Republican McDougle leading 83-17, I think we can safely call Ryan McDougle the winner in that race.
We can also call the 3rd for the democrat Dan Bowling who leads 63-26 with about 69% of precincts in.


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