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This blog is dedicated to the political happenings in the Valley and Southwest Virginia. As the the name implies, this blog will have posts based on what is heard by this elephant's (GOPer's) ears. It is also a great treat to get while at the county fair or a carnival.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

33rd Update

I have found that Bill Mims will not resign his seat until January 14th, so the special election will be on either January 24th or 31st. I have also heard Randy Minchew has not been actively campaigning, but has only been meeting with consultants.
The GOP nomination style and date have not been determined, but I have been told that Sen. Chinchester will decide. As a result, so you can bet it will be done to benefit Minchew. That is also the reason Mims has not resigned yet, they want to drag it out as long as possible to give Minchew time to gather support (Slaton can use Dick Black's supporters as a starting point). Also, Dick Black ended November with over $72k in his campaign account. I have to wonder if some of that will be used to get his son-in-law in this Senate seat.
It looks like it could be an interesting nomination battle.


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