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Monday, January 16, 2006

Staton Wins Nomination

Mick Staton won the GOP nomination tonight with 56% of the vote to 30% for Randy Minchew. That is a good showing of party support (especially with such high turnout), but now the fun stuff begins. As I have alluded to before, this Senate race will setup much of what will happen in 2007. If Mark Herring wins, it gives the dems a much better chance of retaking the majority in the Senate (they would still need 4 more seats even if they win this one).
As for the Republicans, there are 2 possible outcomes. If Staton wins, the "conservatives" will see a pickup in the Senate and will give the conservatives further ammunition to say that being conservative is what it takes to win elections. Conversely, if Staton loses it will give the moderate wing of the party ammo to use against the conservatives.
If Staton wins, Republicans will use this race to say they will have no trouble defending seats in '07, and if Herring wins dems will say this is the beginning of the end of GOP Senate majority.
I don't see this race as a predictor for things to come in the general elections of 2007, but I think it will lead the way on determining what will happen in the GOP primary battles.


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