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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Now We Have a Real Scandal

From Bearing Drift, Phil Kellam was convicted of beating up a woman while he was in college.

Now after all this talk over what Sen Allen may have said, we have a candidate who actually did something that can be substantiated with absolute certainty.

Lets hear the outrage from the dems now.

UPDATE: Since there seems to be a discrepancy in what "assault" means; perhaps Mr. Kellam would like to tell us what exactly happened in his encounter with this woman. I'll be waiting for his explanation.


  • At 9/28/2006 6:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Way to blow this one. Thelma's campaign was behind this and there is proof of it. If the Dems really wanted to get back, maybe they should look into the "abortion" rumor that has circulated around. An event that also occured back in the college days.

  • At 9/28/2006 6:10 PM, Blogger GOPHokie said…

    Drake campaign certainly knew about it. So what?
    Do you really believe Webb wasnt behind the neverending attacks on Allen?
    Politics is about scandals and people's pasts. Hence why opposition research is such a big part of campaigns.
    Maybe you can get some symphany from me when my candidate hasnt been drug through the mud for a month before something like this breaks.
    I am sick of the double standard we GOPs are held to.

  • At 9/28/2006 6:22 PM, Anonymous brimur said…

    Oh don't whine so much Hokie, life just isn't fair for the poor majority party. It sucks to control the House, the Senate, the Presidency, the majority of SCOTUS appointments, the VA House, the VA Senate, two of 3 statewide constitutional offices, both US Senate seats and 8 of 11 of the US House districts.

    How dare we subject Allen to scrutiny on his way to re-elect and a presidential campaign. Shouldn't he just be re-elected by acclamation?

    When you govern like crap and you have no one to blame it on, go figure, people are pissed.

    As for Kellam, you fully know that I am not absurdly excusing it. I would, however, like to hear his take on it, just as I like to hear Allen's take for "macaca" and for claiming he didn't ever use a word which many people swear he did.

    I won't deny that this is almost definitely a "real" scandal. But so is using racial slurs on the campaign trail and lying about your past.

  • At 9/28/2006 6:40 PM, Blogger GOPHokie said…

    brimur, you are certainly one that I appreciate the discourse with in this whole situation.
    I don't have a problem with dems trying to find dirt on Allen; thats politics.
    What pisses me off are these liberals who think that one person saying Allen said n*gger is a big scandal; but that Phil Kellam pleading guilty to assault isnt.

  • At 9/28/2006 6:50 PM, Blogger ED Skywalker said…

    I think we have to be really carefull with the mud slinging politics. For one, a person who has never done or said anything scandalous hasn't really lived a full life. And another, if all we are doing, politically speaking is focusing on these scandals and digging for more scandals and clapping our hands every time we find another in the closet, then what kind of leaders will we end up with? Do we want to be led by politicians or by statesmen? Do we really want ethically challanged people like Karl Rove pulling the strings of government leaving nothing but political victories in their wakes? I guess the answer is yes if all you care about are political victories. I don't care about what George Allen said 30 years ago in a moment of stupidity or 30 days ago in a moment of flashback, I care about his moment of untruth on Tim Russert when asked about those former moments. So, when I read someone who clearly has love of politics write, "Politics is about scandals and people's pasts", I find that a little sad, no offense.

  • At 9/28/2006 7:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It will be interesting to see how Kellam responds. The issue with Allen, in my view, is not that he used the n-word, which was still somewhat frequent in jokes and other discourse at that time. It is that he has not admitted it.

  • At 9/28/2006 8:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Wonder if Washington and Jefferson would have been elected if we would have had computers during their tenures of office? I wish everyone would get back to the basics and think about how to help our government be of the people, by the people and for the people. What have you done today to help your country be better?

  • At 9/28/2006 10:04 PM, Blogger GOPHokie said…

    Ed, from what Ive seen in this years campaigns; I think my statement pretty much sums it up.

    I dont like the fact that it like this, but like I said on another blog; you have to fight fire with fire.

    You cant sit on your hands and say I am going to run on my record when your opponent does nothing but attack you. You have to respond.

  • At 9/29/2006 5:32 PM, Blogger republitarian said…

    Isn't abortion legal? Where's the scandal?

  • At 9/30/2006 1:18 PM, Anonymous aghast at republican hypocrisy said…

    "It's vile," said Rep. Mark Foley, R-West Palm Beach. "It's more sad than anything else, to see someone with such potential throw it all down the drain because of a sexual addiction." (about president Clinton-at least Bill was dealing consensuallywith an adult female....)

    Hokie, you republicans are really special. I'll be waiting for your explanation of the Foley issue. Why did you guys keep quiet about this? For a year?....

  • At 9/30/2006 2:11 PM, Anonymous aghast at republican hypocrisy said... said…

    Can anyone here say Bob Packwood?

  • At 10/01/2006 11:55 AM, Blogger GOPHokie said…

    2:18, I have no idea why we "kept it quiet". I think it was despicable what Foley did; but I am not sure what the leadership should have or could have done to him other than try to get him to not seek re-election/resign.

    Who is Bob Packwood?

  • At 10/01/2006 12:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Where is the outrage? The "family values" republicans did nothing to protect other children working on the Hill from this pervert. They didn't notify the democrats, they didn't notify the Ethics Committee. They just worked together to cover it up.

    All they care about is clinging to power. They even allowed Foley to continue as Chair of the Missing and Exploited Children Caucus.

    Shame. I agree with Republican congressman Peter King: All the republican leadership who knew about this outrage should also resign. Sick, sick, sick, sick, sick

  • At 10/01/2006 5:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I don't think any congressman should do anything like this, but let's not forget about Chandra Levy and she ended up dead. What happened to the ethics committee that was supposed to investigate the practices common during her time of internship? The internet is going to pervert more and more as long as we continue to have first amendment rights that are not subject to any scrutiny. Maybe there needs to be another amendment that addresses the internet separately.

  • At 10/01/2006 5:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Update on Bob Packwood
    PORTLAND, Oregon (CNN)
    "Packwood resigned in September 1995 after the Senate Ethics Committee unanimously recommended expelling him and released more than 10,000 pages of his diary to support its decision. (381K AIFF or WAV sound) Packwood, an Oregon Republican, had been accused of sexual misconduct with 17 women, trying to use his influence to obtain a job for his wife, and altering the diary to hide his misconduct. "

  • At 10/01/2006 7:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dr. Shelton's letter on NLS definitely makes me want to ask--Am I to believe that he didn't know George Allen was governor of Virginia? He must not be a loyal alumni who supports UVA or he would have seen his picture all over the publications while he was governor. I would think something as significant as this would have been good fodder for a story then so why bring it up right now? I personally don't think the doctor is telling the WHOLE truth or he just has a selective memory. For the last weeks, I hope everyone will focus on why the candidate is better for Virginia. I know what George Allen has supported and I plan to give him another chance. I don't have a clue what Webb would do to end the war. He has a "plan" so what is it?

  • At 10/02/2006 6:19 PM, Blogger GOPHokie said…

    1:39, when the investigation of this whole thing is done; it could be very interesting.
    I think you are already seeing GOPs that are very dissatisfied with how this Foley issue was handled.
    I am sure we will know in time who knew what when.

  • At 10/04/2006 8:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Yep, you hae a real scandal all right. A creepy republican congressman chaceing young boys aroung the Capitol while the corrupt republican leadership, to fearful of losing power to do the right thing, covers it up.

    The republicans are too drunk with power to resign or change so American has the duty to toss them out.

  • At 10/05/2006 10:28 PM, Blogger GOPHokie said…

    Anon, Foley did resign.


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