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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Chris Saxman

Bacon's Rebellion has a great post about Del. Chris Saxman and how he is a great proponent of reduced government spending and actually limiting government (what a concept!). He believes that Saxman would make a great LG candidate in 2009.

I heard Chris speak for the first time in Roanoke this past Friday at their monthly luncheon. He was the guest speaker along with the AFP executive director Whitney Duff. He was awesome. He seemed to connect well with the crowd and also clearly laid out how the federal government will never get spending under control when states like ours are spending like crazy too. He said Virginia needs to set a precedent for how a government can be run efficiently and effectively and then use that plan to show the feds how to do it.

I think he has alot of great ideas and hopefully will make a run statewide in the near future.


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