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Monday, September 18, 2006


I thought the debate was very good today. As usual, both candidates used their answers to back up endorsements and attack their opponent, but all in all it was a good debate.
Jeff Schapiro had the best questions in my opinion. He asked issue based questions that were relevant and also could show insight. He of course had the best list too since he looked at issues from the past to make the candidates back up their stances (like Allen's motor voter stance versus his concealed carry permit bill).
Of course Peggy Fox was completely out of line on her religious question. That was ridiculous.

I obviously think Allen won the debate, but he is a better debater than Webb. Webb I think has the same monotone bored voice that John Kerry has; and that hurts you in debates. The other problem Webb has is that he still doesn't have very clear answers on many issues. He couldn't even say how he wants to end the war, but that it "needs new leadership on the issue".

Either way, I don't think debates matter that much in content. Its all about how the debate is written about in the papers and on the news. We will see how that turns out tonight and tomorrow.


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