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Monday, October 02, 2006

The WSJ Has It Right

I saw this great column in the Wall Street Journal today. It lays out why many GOPs are concerned about their party's direction, but also points out the few good things the GOP congress has accomplished.

They say that while getting the bankruptcy legislation passed and 2 supreme court justices confirmed, the GOP congress didn't deliver on much else. Social security, immigration, and health care are some of the issues that have not been tackled; largely because of a divided GOP and a united dem caucus.

Virginia's own Tom Davis even gets ripped for not even trying to get a vote on a social security fix.

I still don't know if the "Pelosi for Speaker" warning will be enough to hold the House this November; but I do know if we succeed in holidng the House, we need to get back to an agenda of lower spending and more reforms. Thats how we got the House, and thats what we need to do to keep it.


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