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Monday, September 19, 2005

Russ Potts at Hob Nob

Here is a letter to the editor from the Winchester-Star on Sept. 13th regarding Potts and the Hob Nob:
Kilgore Country
I’m taking this time to publicly thank the Winchester-Frederick Chamber of Commerce for putting together another great Hob Nob. Attendees had a wonderful opportunity last Friday evening to meet and talk with statewide and local candidates for public office.
The casual atmosphere really lent itself to relaxed, fruitful conversations; and the food was great too. A couple other things stood out to me:
First, was the overwhelming support for former Attorney General, Jerry Kilgore. (He was the only candidate for Governor to attend in person.) Dozens of supporters showed up in orange “Kilgore for Governor” T-shirts. Wherever Jerry went, people wanting to shake his hand and show their support for his campaign mobbed him. Mr. Kilgore was very warming, gracious, and attentive to everyone (I’ve met him on many occasions, even before he was Attorney General. I have always found him to possess the same likable, attentive demeanor.)
Second, A straw poll was taken; in which Jerry Kilgore handily beat both Tim Kaine and Russ Potts. Mr. Potts, who on Thursday told the Chamber he would attend his hometown’s event, was nowhere to be seen. This is a good thing for him, since his lack of support at the event was glaringly obvious. All the candidate’s names were announced, after which each received varying degrees of applause. You could hear a pin drop when Russ Potts’ name was called. Out of the 500 or so in attendance, not one person mustard a clap.
Perhaps he fairs better away from home where folks don’t know about his flip-flops, spiteful rhetoric, and the poor manner in which he treats others.
I am proud to say I’m voting for Jerry Kilgore for Governor and that Winchester-Frederick is Kilgore Country.
-Richard E. Crane
I can probably understand that people in Winchester won't clap publicly for Russ Potts. Even so, I fear he will pull a considerable number of votes in the Winchester-Frederick region.
I will be interested to see if the region is as strongly "Kilgore Country" as some people think it will be.


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