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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

6th District Update

NLS has a new post on the 6th district race. He is wondering if Annie B can win even though she has almost no support (financially) within the district.
I believe she can. Annie B has "raised" $66,904 and only $6,281 has come from her district.
Even so, Keister has raised $86,272 and has only raised $16,625 from the district ($6500 of that was a donation from himself).
So about 9% of Annie B's money has come from the district and about 12% of Keisters has. Probably this is a very low donor area, but I don't know.
One other point, Keister's opponent 2 years ago, Morgan Morris, only raised $1,000 of the $55,000 from the district. He was outspend 3-1 and still only lost by 51 votes.
I think since Annie B is close in funds w/ Keister, she will probably win it walking away.
She is also having a fundraiser next Wednesday morning with George Allen. Perhaps that will increase her district money flow.
This race will continue to get more interesting the closer to election we get.


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