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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Wilder Endorses McDonnell

Over at NLS, he is breaking a story about former Governor Doug Wilder endorsing Bob McDonnell over Creigh Deeds in the AG's race. He is also endorsing Leslie Byrne over Bill Bolling. What a pair!
He still has not made an endorsement in the governor's race.
I doubt this will really make a difference, but it will get some headlines.

Update: This has not happened yet and looks like it may not. Who knows when we will know for sure.


  • At 10/05/2005 10:29 PM, Blogger Ben Kyber said…

    This is a rumor, GOPHokie. It hasn't happened yet (if it will even happen at all).

    Your headline sure doesn't make it sound like a rumor though. It makes it sound like Wilder has made an endorsement. He hasn't.

  • At 10/05/2005 11:38 PM, Blogger GOPHokie said…

    Yea I know, but I figure no one cares now anyway.
    I will put an update on there though.


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