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Monday, October 03, 2005

Tom Davis Fundraising

Over the weekend, I received a fundraising letter from Rep. Tom Davis. Now I live in the central Shenandoah Valley, so why am I getting a letter from him? He is a Republican, but I am no where near his seat.
Is this common practice?
Also, if he is raising money from valley GOPs, does that mean he is having trouble in his district, or hes just getting our money since Goodlatte, Wolf, Goode, and Cantor never have anything to worry about?


  • At 10/03/2005 2:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You're probably on some direct mail list. If you've ever given money or even volunteered with any GOP or conservative organizations, they may have bought a fundraising list. Also, since Davis is active in the GOP at the statewide and national level, he may well give to other Republicans.

  • At 10/03/2005 4:46 PM, Blogger GOPHokie said…

    Thanx for the input anon.
    I appreciate it.

  • At 10/04/2005 8:41 PM, Blogger Ranger03 said…

    Another point is that Davis needs to build up a statewide base for his inevitable Senate run.

  • At 10/04/2005 10:34 PM, Blogger GOPHokie said…

    Thats what my intial thought was when I saw the enevelope.


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