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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Will Cantor Move Up?

There has been alot of talk about Congressman Eric Cantor (R-7) not being able to move up any farther in the House leadership than where he is right now (he is currently the deputy majority whip for those who don't know).
This situation we have now should prove whether that is true. With Roy Blunt being elevated to Majority Leader (now that Delay has at least temporarily stepped down), will Cantor now be elevated to Majority Whip, or is he truly a figurehead in the GOP leadership that got his position b/c of his minority status (Cantor is jewish)?
Has anyone heard the status of this?

UPDATE: Apparently Cantor will be (temporarily) taking over as Majority Whip. According to this article, "Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia, the deputy whip who will assume many of Blunt's old duties in the leadership shuffle."


  • At 9/29/2005 8:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I thought David Drier was being moved up? In that case Cantor would have no place to go.

  • At 9/29/2005 8:40 AM, Blogger GOPHokie said…

    No, there was a change of plans.
    Roy Blunt was elevated b/c some people said conservatives had a problem with Drier (who is moderate) being in the leadership position.
    I personally think it was stupid to say they were going to let him do it then give it to Blunt.
    Speaker Hastert should have consulted the caucus first to make sure it was ok.

  • At 10/07/2005 10:09 PM, Blogger RonL said…

    Cantor, who is Jewish and certainly not an empty suit, is acting Majority Whip.


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