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Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Reports Are Finally In!

Benny Keister has finally released his finance report for the latest period.
He has raised $86,272 ($31,224 in this period) and has $34,129 Cash on Hand.
This compared to Annie B. who has raised $66,903 ($49,244 in this period) and she has $33,845 on Hand.
Folks, Keister is done. There is no way Keister will be able to pull much farther ahead in money to win this one. Annie B is going to win this in a pretty convincing fashion.
Don't forget, Keister outspent his opponent 2 years ago 3-1 and still won by only 51 votes.
This race is Annie B's to lose.
I will also work to find out the results of the poll conducted on behalf of Annie B.

By the way David Young also reported and has $2150 on hand (he raised $26,865 in the last period).
Young is as done as a steak that has been on the grill too long. He has no chance of winning.


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