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Monday, September 26, 2005

Anything New?

It has been a relatively quiet week in the political world.
I was just wondering if anyone has seen or heard anything.
Lohr is now running TV ads. Has anyone seen Fulk ads yet?
Also, does anyone know if there will be anymore polls in the 26th?
The poll that was just released was from mid-August, so it still is not going to be a real accurate picture of the electorate.
I haven't seen anything interesting going on here in SWVA either (except Hokie football, which is now ranked 3rd in both polls).

UPDATE: Republitarian says Fulk has begun his TV ads as well. He defines them as "Fulk Bombs Lohr". Here is the link to view the ad (its 4.9 MB, so if you don't have a high-speed connection, I apologize).
Its a pretty well balanced ad. It shows you Fulk and him saving the Hinton poultry plant, and also gives you the rundown of Matt's missed meetings.
I guess this answers the question as to whether Fulk will run negative ads.


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