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This blog is dedicated to the political happenings in the Valley and Southwest Virginia. As the the name implies, this blog will have posts based on what is heard by this elephant's (GOPer's) ears. It is also a great treat to get while at the county fair or a carnival.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Next Supreme Court Nominee

Folks, the next supreme court nominee from President Bush had better not get 78 votes on confirmation. We want a strong, PROVEN conservative to sit on the bench.
Mr. President, I have some suggestions:
Janice Rodgers Brown (my personal favorite)
Priscilla Owen
Edith Jones

By the way, thanks for the looks folks. 5000 hits in a month and a half is much more than I ever imagined I would get on this site.
Thanks to all my readers. I appreciate your input.


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