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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Hokies Still in the Hunt

According to Stewart Mandel at CNNSI.com, the Hokies can still get into the Rose Bowl. The article takes a look at all the scenarios of the BCS if USC, Texas or both lose this weekend. All VT has to do is beat FSU in the ACC Championship Game and then watch USC, Texas, and LSU all lose their games this weekend. That would put us against Penn State for the title. I was just glad to see someone point out it could happen. Of course, we could lose to FSU and all bets are off.
They predict that we will play Notre Dame in the Orange if either Texas or USC loses and we would probably play Texas in the Orange if both USC and Texas lose (we will play Penn State in the Orange if they both win).
I will be happy if we beat FSU Saturday night and get the ACC title.
Just some food for thought.


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