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Monday, May 22, 2006

Building Support

Today I attended an "appreciation luncheon" for Bill Bolling in Harrisonburg. It was a nice, small group of some of his supporters from 2005 that got together to hear what happened in the general assembly session and also get an update or what is currently going on.
A few weeks ago I attended a similar event for Bob McDonnell in Roanoke.

It seems to me that this may be a great strategy on both gentlemen's parts in trying to build support for 2009 run for governor. From what I understand, both Bolling and McDonnell have been having these type of gatherings across the state. The two I have been to have very small; 30-40 people. This allows the attendees to actually get a chance to sit at the same table and talk with these guys one on one.

Another added bonus is alot of the attendees haven't ever met the candidates. When I was at the McDonnell dinner, only about 5 of the 35 in attendance had ever met Bob. It seems this may be very successful in building support for their candidacy.

Just though I would see if anyone else has had these type of functions in their neck of the woods.


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