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Monday, October 09, 2006


I had to watch the debate for a class, and from what I saw neither guy made any serious mistakes or gaffes.
Based on that, I think the coverage will probably be pretty even.
The problem is, they will then say "Sen. George Allen did well in the debate following his continued racial problems and questions about things he did while at UVa and also macaca".

Thats the problem right now folks. There is nothing that can get us out of the rut. Every news article/coverage, favorable or not, refers to macaca and everything else bad for George Allen.

Until Webb really screws up or has some major indiscretions come out on him, Allen will have a very tough time getting his "issues agenda" out there to the public.

Good thing we have so much more money to run ads with. We are gonna need it.


  • At 10/10/2006 12:11 AM, Blogger RightsideVA said…

    Best part I saw was when Webb responded to the Senators statement with a strong, affirmative, "Pass" in reply...


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