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Friday, November 24, 2006

2008 Battles

Everyone should go check out SurveyUSA to test all the presidential matchups for 2008. They have polled every matchup in every state to calculate the electoral college results for each of the probable GOP and dem candidates.

The most interesting showing is that a McCain-Edwards matchup would yield the closest race, a 272-266 EV win for McCain. This is interesting to me b/c I have heard alot of people say that would be closer than many people expect; so this polling info somewhat proves it.

Obviously this is an imperfect science, but it does shed some light on how the electoral map breaks down.

Also, Virginia is consistently in the GOP column based on this polling in any reasonablly close races (other than Mark Warner who wins Va against anyone).


  • At 11/28/2006 1:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Massachusetts votes for McCain over Edwards? I don't think so...

  • At 2/05/2007 10:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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