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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tomer vs Target?

The Danville Register & Bee has an interesting article today about a proposed Target store that the city of Danville wants to partially finance to get it. City Council member and dem candidate for the 14th HOD district Adam Tomer was the major opposition to the plan.

I bring this up b/c this could become an issue in the race in the 14th, if for no other reason it will raise the name ID of Tomer. Whether that ID is good or bad remains to be seen.

The basic background is that the city of Danville wants to give Target an incentive package of around $8 million to get Target to open a store in their city. The majority of the council voted in favor of this measure, but Tomer and 2 others opposed the plan. Tomer argues they should only give financial incentives for industrial employers and not commercial/retail establishments.

This could be good for him in the local business community, b/c I suspect many local business owners would be hurt by a Target store. He may be able to garner some support this way.

The flip side is he could lose support as people want the increased employment and tax benefits this plan could bring. I obviously do not know the details so I will not speculate on how good the plan is; but I have a feeling some believe it is a good thing (and in politics, perception and reality might as well be the same thing). If people in Danville feel Tomer has tried to block an economic development effort; he could be in deep trouble.

Just for info's sake, currently the web poll on the paper's website shows 47 votes against the plan and 43 in favor.

This is just one issue that could create an interesting dynamic in an already interesting HOD race for 2007.


  • At 3/25/2007 8:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Check out the poll for Tomer now 63% support him. His name ID has just soared and people see him as a fighter. This was a smart move on his part.

  • At 3/26/2007 3:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Take it to the bank, Adam Tomer has the support of the majority in Danville. Many believe that the city should use incentives for higher paying jobs instead of for jobs that create working poor. One councilman stated "a job is a job" and that one will come back to haunt him because we all know that some are much better than others. Danville is loosing population, consistently suffering from high unemployment, and the city gives money to a retail shop. Shame the locals do not have money to shop with. Adam Tomer ran on a campaign for change. Change is what people want and change is what he is trying to offer. He should have great name recognition now...Priceless!

  • At 3/27/2007 5:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Adam Tomer is an idiot. He doesn't have a single supporter on City Council other than himself. He didn't support Al Weed last year and the Weed people know it. He ran for city council as a person who was going to do a great deal and has done nothing. Once the first poll is done and people outside Danville actually get to know him, the state Dems will abandon him.

    Mark him down as a big loser.

  • At 3/27/2007 8:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Those newspaper polls are totally skewed. Sheila Baynes (the Danville Democrats Committee Chair) ALWAYS sends these spastic alerts to the members asking them to vote for Tomer and to support him. It is about 10 people total who end up voting. It means nothing.

  • At 3/28/2007 8:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I see another anonymous report that the Danville Democratic chair sent out an alert asking people to vote in a newspaper poll. Sounds like some spying going on....deep throat....I just looked at the poll results. 61% for the Tomer stance. Impressive.

  • At 3/28/2007 11:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Over 1000 votes have been casted in the online poll. I am sure both sides have voted several times but with 61% in favor of Tomer that should tell you something. The man has support.

    Man, I did not know if you did not supporting Al Weed that makes you an idiot. Then I guess over 60% of the district are idiots along with Tomer. Tomer is too conservative to support Weed and I don't blame him.

    He has balls which is more than any other member of council can say...
    I guess we can hate every democrat that did not support Weed, boy would that move us forward. Let's hate Roscoe Reynolds, Ward Armstrong, Mark Warner....because suddenly Weed is the God of the party. What a joke. Weed could not win a blind talent show let alone an election.

    Give it up Weed supporters. Dry up the tears and support someone who can actually win.

  • At 3/28/2007 11:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    That makes sense. Most people in the 5th didn't vote for Weed. He lost big time. I agree that time for the Weeds to move on. Also time for the GOP operatives to get off that wagon too cause not going to cause a rift. No one jumping on a sinking boat. People are fed up with the same old same old from politicians & the GOP is sinking fast. People want action. From what I have been able to find out about Tomer he is action. I say bravo and my friends say bravo...talk in the town is hurray for Tomer!

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  • At 10/29/2007 8:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Has anyone heard about Adam Tomer getting fired from Belk's Department store in Danville, VA for sleeping on the job?

  • At 10/29/2007 8:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I am just trying to get more info about this and also about him possibly using some of his student loan money to go on a cruise. Please post back if you know anything. Thanks!

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