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Monday, April 02, 2007

AFP in Staunton

This past Saturday, Americans for Prosperity had a luncheon at Rowe's in Staunton to try and get the grassroots fired up about getting government spending under control. About 70 people showed up to the event to hear from Del. Chris Saxman, AG Bob McDonnell and AFP Director Whitney Duff.

All of them spoke on the out-of-control spending that has been going on in the Congress and General Assembly and how we need to cut pork and earmarks. Strangely enough, the "Bridge to Nowhere" is at the town Saxman, Alaska which has some ancestoral relationship to Del. Chris Saxman.

Another dynamic there was the Senate primary. Being in Staunton, we were right in the heart of the 24th Senate district. Scott Sayre was there and seemed to be well taken in by the crowd. Even so, only about a third of those in attendance were wearing Sayre buttons (although alot of people will probably not publicly support anyone in this race). Even so, based on the group (anti-taxers and spending cutters) I would have expected a bigger percentage to be openly backing Sayre.

There was also some statewide talk going on. Some are pushing Chris Saxman to run for LG in 2009, which it appears he is still considering.
The major talk was surrounding Bob McDonnell and what his future holds. As usual, alot of people were hoping he will run for governor in '09 and some in the crowd are already supporting him. I did hear one person encourage McDonnell to run for U.S. Senate due to his military credentials, but I don't think it is very likely that will happen.

On that front, I think it is interesting that McDonnell is now starting to try to be a crusader of taxes and spending (or at least appear that way). Historically he has largely talked about AG issues like eminent domain and crime when he speaks at events. We now see him broadening his issue base to these talking points about taxes as well as his helping get the transportation plan through the General Assembly. It appears he is implementing his full court press to begin gathering support for the race in '09.


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