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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Endorsements in the Primary Races

As you have probably seen by now, Delegates Bill Janis and Jack Reid have both endorsed Joe Blackburn in the race to unseat Sen. Stosch. This comes after he already has the backing of former Congressman Tom Bliley.
I predicted this type of thing would come to fruition back in February in this post when I said Blackburn having Boyd Marcus as his consultant would greatly aid in his ability to garner endorsements and support. Both of these delegates have ties to Marcus and that is probably one big reason Blackburn was able to score these endorsements.

Our friend SWAC Girl is now asking if the same thing could happen in the Hanger race. She proposes that perhaps Delegates Cline, Landes and Saxman (although she does not reference them by name) could do the same in the race in the 24th. My hunch is that they will not, although they could always surprise me. Saxman would be the most likely to do so, since he has ties to VCAP.

In the 22nd it still appears none of the Delegates will take sides in the primary.

I will let everyone know if there are any other developments in this arena.


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