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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

27th Senate GOP Primary is Over: Results Pending

Charges have now been levied that "Mark Tate is under intense criminal investigation for serious campaign finance fraud", which was first reported on VCAP's blog Conservative V.O.I.C.E. As you probably already know, VCAP has endorsed Tate's opponent; Jill Holtzman-Vogel in the 27th District. Jill is also a board member of VCAP.

Then today NLS linked the VCAP story and told us that Va GOP Chair Ed Gillespie called Tate and asked him to withdraw from the race "If these charges were true". NLS also says the charges were levied by a Holtzman-Vogel supporter to State Board of Elections and was then referred to the Loudoun County Commonwealth's Attorney (who is also a Holtzman-Vogel supporter).

If Tate is actually found guilty of these charges; it is safe to say that Holtzman-Vogel will win the nomination (in fact Tate will likely withdraw). Conversely, if Tate is found to be innocent of these charges; there will be serious questions then levied on Holtzman-Vogel's campaign, who look to be at every turn in this saga. I am not suggesting Jill planted or had anything to do with this story, but alot of the facts will point to her.
From what I see, if Tate is exonerated of these charges or they do not exist; Holtzman-Vogel will likely face the brunt of a massive backfire that will probably doom her candidacy.


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