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Sunday, December 02, 2007

2009 GOP Ticket

Since it appears our 2008 Senate candidate is pretty well set, I thought I would take a look at where the GOP is looking for its 2009 stable. In light of this weekend's Advance, we may be able to guess who may be making some moves.

Governor is probably the most widely known right now. From all indications, Bob McDonnell will run as will George Allen. If Allen chooses not to run, Bill Bolling will likely jump in the race.
The only other potential candidate I see here is Congressman Eric Cantor. He had a suite at the Advance, and his consultant would likely want to have a candidate for governor.

Lt. Governor is also potentially easy. Many expect Bolling to stay put, since he has indicated he will not run against George Allen. I don't see anyone challenging him if he stays.
If he chooses not to run (for whatever reason), there are a couple of candidates. Del. Chris Saxman would seemingly throw his name in the hat, after refusing a Senate run this year. Former Sen. Jay O'Brien also had a suite and is rumored to be running for LG. Gil Davis is also likely to run again, but I don't know if he will gain much traction.

Attorney General is the most wide open right now. Sen. Cuccinelli is likely to be running. Arlington County School Board Chairman Dave Foster is also looking to run for AG as well (even though I can't imagine how he could be a GOP and win in Arlington).
Steve Baril and Paul Harris were once seen as candidates, but both have been largely absent from any party events and apparently are not running. Sen. Mark Obenshain was also rumored to be running, but it appears he will not either.

There may be others that arise for the 3 offices, but this is all I am seeing right now.

It is amazing to me how low key this cycle has been, since 4 years ago we knew of most all the candidates that ultimately ran for statewide office.

Who does everyone else see running?


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