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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Polling Excitement

In light of the SurveyUSA poll and PPP poll released in the past week, the GOP is falling all over themselves discussing the prospect of a monumental beatdown in the governor's election this year.

This even follows with the general hope amongst national Republicans that 2009 will be a redux of 1993, when George Allen and Christie Todd Whitman won the VA and NJ governor's mansions from the dems to pave the way for the Republican Revolution of 1994.

In both polls, the breakdown of the sample showed 52% of likely voters in this year's elections as John McCain voters. Obviously, if this trend holds up, the dems are in for a long night on November 3rd. I have a hard time believing it will be this pronounced by election day, but the upcoming national issues could have a great deal of impact on this.

In addition, I want to give credit to McDonnell's campaign folks for having a theme (all be it a corny one). The lack of one was one of the central causes of McCain's problems, as well as (to a lesser extent) Jerry Kilgore and George Allen. I doubt this has made a huge impact yet, since most issue voters don't pay attention until after Labor Day. This should prove to boost McDonnell's numbers even further once that time arrives.

While these poll numbers are obviously a cause for optimism, the GOP should stay vigilant and ensure we stick to our message. As long as the campaign sticks to its theme, we will be fine. If it tries to retool anything between now and election day; the campaign may meet the same fate as the past few GOP statewide races.