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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Democrats are Pro-Crime?

You would think so listening to some GOPs and their "accomplishments" in the past decade or so.

Another major problem plaguing our party today is the lack of real wedge issues to run on. Historically the Republicans only win the governor's mansion when they run on a specific issue(s) that resonates with the public and is a wedge issue. You saw this with parole abolition from George Allen and car tax abolition from Jim Gilmore.
More recently, the GOP has tried to run on the strength's of their anti-crime stances. They use accomplishments and initiatives like tougher sentences for meth dealers and DUI offenders. While these are noble causes, and are no doubt favorable to the electorate; they do not create a wedge issue to run on. Does anyone really think there are democrats who favor meth dealers or DUI offenders? Of course not.

Where this has greatly been a problem is that the last 4 gubernatorial candidates have been Attorney Generals. Obviously, the major accomplishments on being AG are going to be similar issues; and therefore that is what the candidates have tried to run on. Since the AG has an intrinsic advantage winning the nomination, this has created quite a problem.

I have been told that the McDonnell campaign will not use the same angle that past campaigns have on these issues, and I am glad to hear that. If he does not, I fear Bob will face the same fate as the last 2 AG's who ran for governor.


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