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Monday, December 08, 2008

Back in Business

On almost the one year anniversary of my "sabbatical" from blogging, I have returned!
I hope everyone will enjoy the blog again, even though I realize blogs have probably fallen from the prominence they once were here in the Commonwealth.
I must tell you folks, I am "restarting" the blog to (hopefully) advance a return to prominence of the Republican Party. While there are many issues at work in the national party, I believe the best way for us to recover is to do so here in Virginia, and then use that strategy nationwide.

I must also tell you the blog will not be quite like it was in the past. First off, I do not expect to post every day; but my goal is to have a post every week. I will also be less quick to respond to questions/comments on the blog. I want this to be a discourse, not just me agreeing/disagreeing with the commenter. I will try to give others an opportunity to chime in before I respond.
The third (and most important) difference is that this will no longer be a mouthpiece/cheerleader for campaigns or the party. I have always tried to be optimistic with my blog, both with coverage of candidates and with my outlook. I usually took the "best case scenario" or "hopefully we will win" mindset. I will now be very open with my opinions and not sugarcoat them. As a corollary to this, I will also not post information on campaign events other than if it pertains to something I want to talk about (i.e. please do not email me and ask that I put up a post promoting an event, b/c I probably will not do so). I believe that one of the primary reasons blogs have lost their "swagger" is that too many people viewed them as extensions of campaigns, which therefore meant the unbiased viewpoint was lost.

My next post will showcase the change in direction I see for this blog. I hope to complete it by Wednesday morning. I invite everyone back to see where we go from here.


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