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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Excellent Proposal

I have been pretty tough on the McDonnell campaign in the past, but I think they hit a home run last week with their new comprehensive transportation plan. It can be found here.

While I am sure not everyone agrees with every point on this proposal, I think having a plan for transportation has to be a cornerstone to any GOP platform in order to win back the suburban communities of northern Virginia and Hampton Roads (and a lesser extent Richmond metro).

The biggest advantage McDonnell has over Deeds is that he can claim being a suburbanite who understands what NOVAians face every day. Rolling out this proposal proves he recognizes transportation as a top issue that warrants attention. I think this is something that has been lacking in past statewide campaigns for the GOP.

This combined with the "Bob's for Jobs" campaign theme, I am starting to be very confident that McDonnell will pull this one out.

The next thing I am interested in seeing is if Deeds comes out with any major campaign proposals or platforms, or whether he takes the Kaine strategy of "vote for me b/c things are good".


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