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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Fundraising Reports in the 6th

Annie B finished with 154k raised (which is unprecedented for a SW challenger). She had 6500 on hand on Oct 26th. She has received about 25k since the filing (most of which were RPV mailers).
Keister finished with 151k raised and has 16k on hand. He has received 34k since the filing deadline.
This race has basically been a party spending spree. Both candidates have raised very little of their total from their district. Its almost all state party organizations, other candidates or PACs.
Even so, Annie B has stayed very close to Keister in fundraising and I think she will win.
Don't forget, Keister only won by 51 votes when outspending his opponent 3-1 last time.
Both parties want this seat bad, they both have invested huge sums of money here.
It is unprecedented for a House race in SWVA to spend 300k. Even so, this year is a year of records (such as the 500k that will be spent in the 26th, which also is unprecedented for the Valley).


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