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Monday, December 12, 2005

3rd District Race

The 3rd House district is made up of all of Buchanan, most of Tazewell and few precincts in Russell County. Of those the Russell section is democratic as is Buchanan. Tazewell is the lone GOP stronghold in the district.
Here are the results from the past elections in this district.

Kilgore won 53%-47%
Bolling won 50.9%-49.1%
Deeds won 53.1%-46.9%
Bush won 51.8%-48.2% in 2004

Tazewell County makes up just over half the votes in the district and the GOP carried it in all races. We will need them to do so in the special election as well. Even so, a special has very low turnout and its even tougher to do in a rural area like this one.
This could be a great opportunity for a GOP pickup. Much of it will hinge on who runs and how well they execute a quick campaign.
I have heard no word on who is running or why Stump resigned. I will update you folks as soon as I find out something.
Does anyone there know what is going on?

UPDATE: Thanks to Chad Dotson and Kilo for their insight. It appears that Del. Stump is having health problems and that is his reason for resigning. I have also heard he is taking an appointment in the Kaine administration. Our thoughts and prayers are w/ the Stump family if he is in fact having health problems. We all hope is makes it through OK.

UPDATE2: Chad Dotson is claiming the GOP is running Shea Cook for this open seat. Apparently this guy is well known in the district. Another good thing is that he is from Tazewell County, which is where the GOP will have its best showing anyway. It sounds as though we have got a good guy running. Now it all comes down to turnout. There is a large union presence in the area so the dems will certainly have an advantage there.


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