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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Opinions of Young/College Republicans

In light of all the posts regarding CRs lately, I would just like to see what everyone thinks.
At the Advance this weekend I heard lots of people asking what the CRs do and what their purpose is. I am just wondering if this is a widespread problem or just among the party faithful. Even across the blogs, lots of people seem to think they are just kids out there padding their resume and having fun.
It seems to me that they do alot of the grunt work for the party. Lets face it folks, the local committees are mostly retirees who can give money, make decisions, and stand at the polls, but probably don't do a whole lot more. Its the young people who make phone calls, knock on doors and do lit drops. I just think the CRs and YRs don't take enough credit as a whole and that's why they aren't noticed. Surely there are those in these organizations who are in it for the resume building and the recognition, but I imagine that is the minority of them.

I would like everyone to comment on what their opinion of the CRs and YRs. Are they active in your area? Do you believe they are a useful force, or just a group of party animals? Do you think they need to raise their visibility? What should they do differently?


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