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Monday, June 05, 2006

Blogging and the Republican Party of Virginia

There has been plenty of discussion about blogging and the GOP in the last few days.
First we had the comment at state central by Tom Kopko.
Then Chad and Bearing Drift chimed in about how the RPV leadership was not very supportive of the blogosphere, even though Bolling and McDonnell as well as 4th District GOP Chairman Wayne Ozmore is.
And now NLS points out that the GOP has not been seeing many new blogs, whereas the dems have.

First off, the "discussion" at state central was simply Tom Kopko issuing his rant against anonymous blogging and personal attacks. There was virtually no response by the crowd to his comments. Later Wayne Ozmore gave his 4th district update and said blogs were an important force in politics b/c they were an "echo chamber" and b/c they can report news or events that the "mainstream media" doesn't. His statements were also met with little response.

As to who supports and opposes blogs, Bolling, McDonnell and all other elected (or possible candidates) are embracing the blogs to use them in their future campaigns to build grassroots support and have an avenue to get their message out to the base.
As for RPV, they are not very favorable for a few reasons. First, I am sure Kate loves TC's blog after his accusation that she would resign the chairmanship at a hastily called exec meeting. Also, most all blog posts regarding RPV have been negative so the staff at RPV probably isn't big on a press medium that only attacks them. Furthermore, RPV seems to basically be operating as a fundraising mechanism as opposed to a policy setting body, so blogs don't really fit into their purpose.

As to Ben's comment, we probably have too many blogs now, so its not surprising we aren't seeing more people join in.

My overall opinion is that blogging is still alive and well in the GOP and that regardless of how RPV wants to approach us, we will continue to be a force in Virginia politics for awhile.
That being said, I don't see RPV entering the blog arena for quite awhile. It doesn't fit their purpose, and it certainly isn't somewhere they are loved.


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