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Thursday, May 03, 2007

24th Update

Things are finally heating up in the 24th Senate seat. On top of the new radio ads, there have been a good number of endorsements in the race.

As you have probably seen elsewhere; Sen. Hanger has the endorsements of a good number of the elected officials in the district, while Scott Sayre has the endorsement of most of the GOP committee chairs and other party leaders.

This begs the question, which ones are more important? Obviously, the party faithful/volunteers will certainly be a boon for Sayre in getting his message out and building support; but Hanger's elected officials have their own group of supporters that usually reaches beyond the "party faithful" and could provide a good base for him as well.

On a different front, the biggest question I have had (and perhaps one or more of our SWACers can help me with this) is whether there will be a backlash among the GOP committees/etc against these constitutional officers and supervisors who are behind Hanger; since most all the committee members are behind Sayre.

What makes this even more interesting is that the constitutional officers are actually putting their livelihood on the line for Hanger if there is potential for a backlash. Obviously there is already a pretty solid contingent of people in this area that are willing to try and oust an incumbent that they don't agree with; so I often wonder if they will try the same thing against the local electeds. One advantage they have is their elections are this year too; so it would be 4 years before primary challenges or the like would be levied against them; but it still is an interesting dynamic.

One of my biggest concerns surrounding this primary is that it could have lastly ramifications and could potentially divide the local parties. In the other primary races, you have not seen this level of activism and draw battle lines like this one. In most other primaries, most of the local electeds and party leaders are staying neutral; while this one has seen nearly everyone make an endorsement. I just hope the party arises from this unscathed.

I may be way of base here, but I just wanted to see what everyone thought of this situation that seems to be developing in the 24th.


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