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Monday, September 05, 2005

6th District Update

Not Larry Sabato has a story about Annie B.'s staffer making some comments about Southwestern Virginians on a blog. NLS seems to think since this staffer was hired by Speaker Howell, this could have effects everywhere and not just in the 6th.
Unfortunately, he doesn't have many details. I will be interested in seeing more info about this. I am hard pressed to believe this will have an effect in the 6th, let alone the state as a whole, but perhaps it is worse than it sounds.
One thing I would like to know is who said it. One of Annie B.'s campaign managers is from Texas, so I can't believe she said anything bad about southwest Va; and the other was Kevin Triplett's manager, so he has been here and knows how the people are.
One more thing about this race, I have heard that the PACs are bailing on Keister. They think he is going to lose already. The Sept. 15th report should give us an idea of whether that is true or not.
I have said it before, if Annie B can stay close in money, she will win this seat.


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