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Thursday, February 02, 2006

New RPV Chairman

First off, I do not think Kate is going to resign.
Second, I am not calling for her to do so b/c I don't think the recent losses can be pinned on her.

Throughtout the blogosphere most of the people calling for a new chair are from NOVA. That is understandable considering the recent losses up there. Even so, Connaughton among other NOVAians have been proposed as possible chairmen to replace Kate.

What concerns me is that the same logic is being used for this as for Connaughton's LG bid. I was a self-admitted Bolling supporter in the primaries, but one of the reasons was I didnt think Connaughton had a plan. The only reason any person ever gave me was that he would help carry NOVA and thats why he should get the nod. That theory didnt work out very well considering Bob McDonnell is from Virginia Beach, and Jerry Kilgore is the first statewide GOP to lose that locality in quite a while. That proves candidates do not necessarily bring their home area with them for other ticket members.
The same can be said now. I think any new chairman should be a person with knowledge and a plan of how to control NOVA, but not automatically from there. Just b/c Davis, Connaughton or whoever is from NOVA doesn't mean they know how to fix the problems either. They also may not know how to run the party for the rest of state (I know that is a tough concept for some of you guys, but there is another 70% of the state outside of NOVA).

I think a new chair should have a vision of how the GOP will turn the tide. They need to be a good fundraiser, good recruiter, and someone who is a leader on all fronts. They need to control more than just the press releases from the RPV and let someone else do the rest. That person should have a knowledge of politics in all areas of the state and be able to develop strategy for winning everywhere. What the RPV needs most is a leader that everyone knows is the top dog. That person might be Bolling, McDonnell, Speaker Howell, Sean Connaughton or Kate Griffin.

If Kate can be this person, she should stay. If, in the future, there are more losses and she does not possess these qualities, then perhaps it will be her time to go.


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