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Friday, October 20, 2006

Republican In-Fighting

From the NYTimes comes an article of all the feuding in the Republican Party. As the GOP faces defeat in this year's elections, conservatives are questioning which ones are to blame. The tax-cutting wing is blaming the social cons for our problems. Social cons are saying the GOP isn't carrying their banner. Grover Norquist says its the out-of-control spending. Bill Kristol says Norquist's tax-cutting plans are hurting more than spending.

The funny thing is how much this looks like our party regarding Northern Virginia. Some think we are losing b/c we aren't conservative enough, some think we need to stop paying attention to social issues, some think its the transportation problems. As in the national level, every group says its the other group's fault.

This is not new. Anytime you are in power, factions will typically come to rise. Those factions then try to say everyone is voting for their group's issues and the others are at fault for losses. All the while, the opponents are just united in wanting to win.

This is also largely why the idea that GOPs are upset this year. Dems are united in wanting to win, they don't need infighting to agree on that. GOPs are largely fired up about their faction, but they feel the rest of the party is dragging them down.

This is the main reason I think that GOPs are upset right now. Its a feeling of helplessness, that all the other factions of the party are gonna screw everything up.


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