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Thursday, November 30, 2006

McQuigg for Clerk

I am told Del. Michele McQuigg will be running for Clerk of Court of Prince William County. I am assuming she will be vacating her HOD seat, which means the dems have another seat they have a very good shot at winning.

I am still getting info on this...

UPDATE: I still have not been able to get a copy of the press release, but here are the ramifications. First off, this is not new; some people were speculating on this as much as a year ago.
Anyway, the district went for Bush in 2004; but then went for Kaine in 2005 and then Webb in 2006 (54.6% for Webb). This is another district that has largely been protected due to a longer running incumbent who is well liked. Even so, Mcquigg drew a strong candidate in Earnie Porta in 2005 and she only got 54% of the vote. Assuming she does leave the seat; I would imagine Porta would be the frontrunner for the dem nomination and also the general election.

The other interesting situation is that McQuigg ran for this seat from Occoquan District Supervisor. The current Occoquan supervisor was Corey Stewart who just won PWC BOS Chair. He would have been the best positioned to run in her place, but I am not sure he would want to give up chairman of one of the largest counties in Virginia to be in the HOD. This creates a problem for the GOP in that now they have to replace both a HOD seat and Supervisor.

So far I know of no potential candidates, but I am sure they will emerge soon.


  • At 11/30/2006 8:27 PM, Anonymous CMS Operator said…

    This article from this past saturday's potomac news mentioned McQuigg as a potential candidate for Clerk.

    Anytime a potential candidate utters the words they're 'considering their options' that almost always means they're running.

    Stewart for Delegate? Yeah right, that guy got his ass whipped running for Chairman in Novemb----- WTF? Are you kidding me! Noooooooo!

  • At 11/30/2006 8:33 PM, Anonymous CMS Operator said…

    I was so in shock Stewart actually won, I forgot to post the link- oopsy poopsy.

    Its on Lucy Beauchamp the current PWC School Board Chair, who has already declared her candidacy for the Republican nomination.

    Here tis:


  • At 11/30/2006 9:12 PM, Blogger GOPHokie said…

    CMS, Stewart had mentioned running for McQuigg's seat as an idea back when this was first discussed; but that was before he got the chairman job.
    He may have a different opinion now.

  • At 11/30/2006 9:29 PM, Anonymous Not Larry Sabato said…

    Prince William Democrats don't have a strong enough ticket in 2007 to be considered the "favorite" for anything yet. I say tossup.

  • At 11/30/2006 9:38 PM, Blogger GOPHokie said…

    Well Steward being on the top of ticket should help us, but I would still say slight-lean dem here.

  • At 12/15/2006 10:49 AM, Blogger VW said…

    From: Veronique Wyvell
    To: ElectEarnie@earnieporta.com
    Sent: Thursday, December 14, 2006 11:10 AM
    Subject: Swigging McQuigg?

    Michele McQuigg's performance as "Madam Chairman" in the Friday, December 1, 2006, 8:30 a.m., House Room C, General Assembly Building, House Committee for Courts of Justice & Senate Committee for Courts of Justice, JUDICIAL INTERVIEWS for incumbent judges standing for re-election in the 2007 Session was frightful. Did McQuigg perhaps enjoy one too many swigs the night before? I wondered. It is time for Virginia's 51st to seriously consider new leadership. To the people of District 51, I say YOU ARE NOT IN GOOD HANDS.

    Veronique Wyvell, RN
    MAUL ~ Mothers Against Unjust Law
    7831 Enola Street, #TA7
    McLean, Virginia 22102
    Tel 703.748.0072

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