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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

New Employer in Harrisonburg

For our local readers; a week ago Republitarian reported there was a major announcement coming about a big employer coming to the area.

My sources tell me that employer is SRI, the Stanford Research Institute. They were apparently one of the main companies that helped form Silicon Valley.

Anyway, it should be a great addition to Harrisonburg since it will bring research money to the area as well as bring good jobs. It should also fit well with JMU being close by. Sounds like this should be a addition to our community.


  • At 12/13/2006 2:53 PM, Blogger Elle said…

    Word on the street is that H'burg and Rockingham county are going to be the technology center of the East Coast.
    Not sure if this is true or not--not sure how I feel. We need more industry in this area--a reason for 20 and 30 somethings to stick around. But--we need to also be careful in how we grow. I81 is already a nightmare. And I try to avoid H'burg as much as possible b/c the traffic is a nightmare (too many big box stores, too many traffic lights, not enough flowing traffic).

    It's a double-edge sword. I think we are fearful that we will become NOVA. Toyota was run right out of Augusta County b/c of the fear of growth--and especially b/c Toyota is an industry where longevity is tenuous at best.

  • At 12/13/2006 10:48 PM, Blogger GOPHokie said…

    Well I dunno about becoming NOVA real soon; but growth is definitely going to continue. We will have to get used to the changes.


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